Styling Ankara Button Bib Necklaces and Prints

I think coming up with trends can be fun and exciting. In a way, it let’s your personality shine through. I love my somewhat quirky, Afrocentric style sense that can’t seem to do without prints and African inspired accessories. It is also interesting how mixing contemporary and African themes can be.

Let’s begin with 2 styling tips centered around prints and African inspired accessories.

Tip 1

Accessories do a great job jazzing up simple outfits. In the picture below, Miss. Jessie pairs her African inspired statement necklace with a solid. She chose white for this look but any other solid color will do.

Jessie 2


Tip 2

Combining polka dots and prints seems risky.Yet, with the right steps, it can be pulled off effortlessly. In the image below, a knee-length pencil African print skirt is paired with a red polka dot blouse. White heels brings this look together and boom! the wearer now takes center stage.

Jessie 2

Happy styling until I appear again.


By: Maame N


Model: Miss.Jessie

Necklace : KisuaG

Pencil skirt:

Polka dot blouse :

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