Culture has been aptly defined as the way of life of life of a group of people. Some characteristics of culture include the way a group of people dress, their manner of speaking, the food they eat , the type of music they create, etcetera.

Recently, a Ghanaian friend of mine was blessed with a bundle of joy. She called me to share her wonderful news along with the following request : ” Can you please provide me with the Fante name for a female child born on Tuesday ?” Before I could bat my eyelid, I responded with a rather emphatic “Yes, I will be delighted to help you out”. I could understand her difficulty since she belonged to a different tribe. Her husband was equally clueless(blame it on migration) and didn’t possess enough knowledge about Fante names.


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After our conversation, I decided to create a list which was made up of male and female Fante names. The way I saw it, she could always use it as a source of reference for the birth of her future children. Traditional Ghanaian names not only carry meanings but they indicate the tribal affiliation of an individual. They also reveal the day on which an individual was born.

For individuals who find themselves “away from home” and who desire to carry a piece of “home” with them wherever they might be, I hope this list helps  you too!

 Fante Names

                                        Girl                                                                                      Boy

Monday                      Adjoa                                                                                    Jojo. Kodjo

Tuesday                      Araba                                                                                  Ebo

Wednesday               Kuukua                                                                             Abeiku

Thursday                  Aba, Baaba                                                                       Yoorko, Ekow

Friday                      Afua                                                                                    Fiifi , Yoofi

Saturday                  Ama                                                                                    Ato, Kwamena

Sunday                    Sisi, Esi                                                                              Akwasi, Kwasi


Written By : Sher