RIOH Joie De Vivre Fashion Show

Dubbed Joie de Vivre, this year’s fashion show was electrifying, enchanting and captivating! In all honesty, when I got wind of the fashion show, my expectations were quite low. To a large extent, my lack of excitement could easily be blamed on the pandemic and all the calamity it has wrought in its wake. Yet, a little voice inside my head whispered “pay attention, follow the trail and you will be glad you did” ! Let’s just say that I am glad I paid attention to the little voice.

Trailer – Courtesy of RIOH

This year, RIOH decided to host its’ annual fashion show at Alliance Française , located in Ghana. It featured industry players, fashion influencers, fashion enthusiasts and students pursuing fashion.
The tone for the evening was set by the eloquent MC and DJ Bugatti who whipped guests
into a state of frenzy with his exquisite taste in music. A performance by the Ace poet,
Rhyme Sonny ended up serving as a cherry on top of the cake due to his enthralling
poetry recital.

Designers captured the attention of attendees as they “worked” the rather chic, state of
the art runway. On exhibit were fun, unique and colorful Afrocentric designs from
emerging designers. Sighs of wonder and admiration from the audience served as
evidence of the impact the designers’ had on them.

As the evening wore on, RIOH launched yet another innovative and convenient online
program that seeks to instruct students interested in learning fashion design. Its goal is to
offer a 10 hour fashion course and is slated to start in 2021.

Image Courtesy of RIOH

The grand finale of the event highlighted the talent manager/head fashion design
instructor who introduced “soon to be” designers currently enrolled at RIOH for their
final catwalk! Their creativity shone forth much to the delight of attendees. Clad in uniquely enthralling
African print outfits, solids and a variety of accessories, there was enough on display to satisfy the desires of onlookers.

Designers brought the show to an end after having exhibited their playful side through perfectly choreographed formation dances. The popping of champagne on stage sealed the night’s activities. In all, RIOH’s fashion show was a night to remember and I look forward to yet another exciting event next year. Oseeye Team RIOH!

Stay tuned. In the not so distant future, I just might provide you with a medium for purchasing attention grabbing and chic clothing from promising designers .

Written by Sherita Brace and Geraldine Brace

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