Top 6 African Trade Bead Jewelry

Utmost wonder ? Stunning beauty ? These phrases are frequently heard whenever an exquisitely dressed lady makes an appearance. I tend to wonder if these women happen to be in on a secret that some of us are not privy to. This notwithstanding, I embarked on a mini quest to discover this secret. It turns out that, accessories ( yes, you read that right!) can either “make” or “unmake” an outfit.

With a plethora of accessories available today, I decided to start my “Top 6” series with “African Trade Bead Jewelry”. Enjoy the collection below and don’t hesitate to make them yours should you have an inclination to do so.


Trade Bead 1


Trade Bead 3

Orange Trade Bead 2Trade bead 4

Trade bead 5

Trade bead 6

© 2019 Sherita Brace

The Nopoku website is currently undergoing changes and so visit our Etsy store, , if you’d like to make these beauties yours !

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