Afrocentric Jewelry Collection – Nopoku

If you want something you can be certain no one else has, we have incredible and phenomenal African inspired jewelry to match your style preference. The color palettes featured in our jewelry are also inspired by the personalities and experiences of our designers.

Fire Necklace 1

This bright and bold handcrafted statement necklace draws its inspiration from fire. Available for purchase at Nopoku


Pink necklace

A cocktail of colors fused with loops make this “jaw-dropping” statement necklace a “must-have” accessory. Available at Nopoku !



Speaking of cultures, these fabulous earrings along with the beaded bracelet are reflective of the rich and vibrant West-African cultures.


Earth Bead Necklace 1


Featuring semi-precious stones and faux pearls, this marvelous jewelry set has a timeless quality .


Choker Fringe 1

This excellent handcrafted statement necklace showcases KisuaG’s signature style. A combination of fringe, semi-precious stones and recycled glass-beads lends it an alluring appeal.


Chipped Beads Necklace

Neutral hues combine with mustard in the creation of a subdued and refreshing beaded necklace.


Unleash your inner “vixen” in these earthy and marvelous bib necklaces featuring intricate details.

Feed you inspiration by making these staggering and remarkable jewelry a part of your wardrobe. Should you be in search for thoughtful gifts , visit Nopoku for these and more.

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