New Year, New Skin Rejuvenation Resolutions – The Spa Hammam

So far as new year resolutions go, my new years resolution seldom include skin care. It rarely occurs to me to create a resolution centered on my skin. I’m very sure my dear skin would accuse me of playing favoritism if it could voice its sentiments. All the same, something changed this year. I decided to pay close attention  to my skin during the month of December. My discoveries compelled me to develop a new years revolution predominantly centered on rejuvenating my  skin.

Before you resort to name calling (e.g superficial lady), bear in mind that dry, itchy, scaly skin can wreak havoc and result in lower productivity – In my humble opinion. With this goal in mind, I decided to offer my skin a treat that incorporated holistic , healing techniques. Discovering a Spa in Ghana that met my criteria was no mean feat. Times have changed and Ghana is now a middle income country. This means that although there is a burgeoning skin care industry, options remain limited and accessibility can be a tard bit challenging – if you don’t know where to look.

The dry season(aka Harmattan) was rather drastic this year. Dry winds coupled with extreme heat can leave ones skin parched. The desire to restore my skin to sanity led to my quest to discover a spa that delivered on its promises. I began my quest by making inquiries and conducting internet research. Eventually, I narrowed my options and settled on The Spa Hammam.

Located at East-Legon, The Spa Hammam incorporates the traditional cleaning method of Morroccans popularly known as Hammam Magharebi. Performing this treatment on an individual’s skin results in brighter and softer skin. It also helps in relaxing tired muscles while improving blood circulation. These benefits had me humming and singing to one of my favorite tunes (Say something …). Despite the fact that I was singing, I wasn’t done yet. I needed to be sold completely by their offerings ! As such, I forged ahead and questioned more. Through my questioning approach, I discovered other details.

Massage 2

For instance, the comprehensive nature of their services, professional attitudes of their staff and the ambience of the facility had me swooning – I think it might have you smiling if you tend not to be the dramatic type. For me, I am all about balance (mind, body and soul ) and The Spa Hammam offers that and more. Finally, their  well stocked store featured bath and body products, baby products, facial products, hair care products among others. At this point, I was totally sold!

Massage RoomSpa Hammam 2

If you ever find yourself in Ghana and in need of a treat, I think it will be worth your while to visit The Spa Hamman. Your skin and muscles will thank you ! Incorporating a regular skin care routine centered on its’ health will definitely lead to a happier you . Only time will tell how my new year’ skin rejuvenation resolution will go  🙂 .

By Sherita N Brace
Sherita Brace is an entrepreneur, an international development professional and a blogger . She writes regularly on topics spanning fashion, African culture, natural health and international development.

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