Meet the Innovative Event Planner and Founder of Events by Golden Dove

I will be concluding this month’s interview series with the Founder of Events by Golden Dove, Geraldine Brace. This fire ball of a woman is filled with passion and creativity. As a soul who loves learning from others, I decided to share this interview with the goal of inspiring  other women.

How did you come by the name of your business?

Response:  I got the name Events by Golden Dove through the help of my sister. I wanted a name that captured the essence of my business. During a brainstorming session with her, Events by Golden Dove emerged. It called out to me strongly and so I finally settled for it. The dove represents serenity (reflects my temperament ) while the color gold represents the quality of service we provide – service that is fit for royalty. To us, our clients are special and deserve nothing but the best 😊.

Goldendove logo 2Tell me how you came up with your business idea? Weddings are my favorite simply because I get to help in making the special day of “brides to be” splendid while creating a festive environment. After I completed my professional program in tourism and hospitality management, I decided to start a business centered on my passion.

Do you think your background has prepared you for your current role? Response: Yes, indeed it has. My background in hospitality management and marketing has really assisted me in coordinating corporate events, excellent and beautiful weddings, birthday parties and other mile stones.

Can you share insights as a female entrepreneur operating in your sector? Response: I think this sector is predominantly made up of females in this part of the world. In my opinion, the main challenges I experience regularly include negative attributes of some vendors and poor concept of time. Some of the vendors have credibility issues. I doubt these challenges occur as a result of my gender.

Do you think there are advantages or disadvantages to being a female entrepreneur? Response:  Hmm. Since I started this business, I haven’t experienced sexism or misogynistic attitudes from clients … at least not yet and hopefully not ever :). I think there are disadvantages to being a female entrepreneur depending on the society you find yourself operating from.  Since my country is a patriarchal society, I realize that I have to be mindful of my tone and my mannerisms consistently. For instance, I try not to be overly assertive as that can result in an undesired outcome depending on the setting I find myself. I don’t think male entrepreneurs have to concern themselves with such issues. There are other examples I can share, but due to insufficient time, I will limit myself to the initial example I shared. It is often not overt but when you take the time to peer through the social fabric of the society, it becomes evident.

What are some of the challenges you experience in the execution of your duties? Response: I think I tapped on that earlier on. The main challenges I experience in the execution of my duties stems from poor concept of time on the part of some clients and vendors and credibility issues(vendors). Because of this behavior, I have to put in extra time and effort in the vetting process to ensure that I get the results I want.

Share some words of advice for young women who have dreams of becoming entrepreneurs Response:  My advice to young women who want to be entrepreneurs is to take the leap. Once they discover where their passion lies, they can research the market and JUMP. They should keep their eyes on the dream, pray and work hard consistently. It will pay off so far as they don’t give up.

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