Fashion Tourism as a Vehicle for Economic Growth in Ghana

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that has contributed massively to the economic growth of countries in the western hemisphere. An observation of the fashion capitals of the world (Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo) can reveal the huge impact of fashion on a country’s economy.  The evolving fashion landscape in Ghana is indeed a fascinating phenomenon. Also, the steady rise of talented fashion designers, stylists and jewelers speaks to the creativity and enterprising nature of some Ghanaians. Thanks to their enterprising mindset, events such as Accra Fashion week , where both known and emerging talents from Africa are provided with a platform to showcase their artistic creativity is now a possibility.

Fashion week 3
Photo Credit: Miss Amarachi

The question is, once the curtain is drawn, what happens next ? Do individuals simply view events such as Accra Fashion Week through the lens of entertainment, or are these events viewed as a medium through which the country’s development can be escalated ?

With that said, Ghana and most African countries can also reap the benefits and opportunities that stand to be gained from fashion. African countries such as South Africa and Kenya are capitalizing on fashion and are making strides accordingly. How can Ghana capitalize on its’ vibrant fashion landscape and rich cultural heritage for its’ economic development?

Perhaps it can take a cue from Fashion Tourism. The Tourism sector can merge with the fashion industry in the creation of an arena that not only sets the country  on a higher pedestal but also contributes to the economic development of the country. Through fashion tourism, Ghana can earn a reputation as a destination for the purchase of exciting finds. Moreover, the country can capitalize on fashion tourism as a medium through which tourists can explore the fascinating scenery and exciting traditions peculiar to it.

Some of the benefits that can be realized from fashion tourism include the creation of employment opportunities for the youth, an increase in foreign direct investment and a boost in the perception of Ghana on the global arena.

Incorporating fashion tourism as part of the development agenda of Ghana will go a long way in contributing to the socio-economic development of Ghana while drawing awareness to its’ rich cultural heritage.

By: Sherita Brace and

Geraldine Brace


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