African Inspired Handbag Collection

Handbags are multi-functional pieces. Not only do they keep items organized but they also add an electrifying appeal to the total look (thanks in no part to the different shades and prints available!) of an individual. Fashionistas and style conscious women are incorporating these pieces into their look and creating amazing style statements in the process. Check out some extraordinarily classy and elegant  statement pieces below:

Mimmie Oversized Bag

This is an iconic over-sized bag embezzled with pieces of recycled beads hand stitched onto its’ front and back sections. 


Pink Bead Clutch
Clutch – Nopoku

A timeless piece, this clutch features intricate details such as hand-sewn beads. 


Blue wallet 1

An upbeat and totally functional wallet makes it easy to organize your personal items without sacrificing style. 


Anisiyah bead bag

A neutral purse in different shades of brown and gold embellished with a touch of silver exudes effortless  glamour.


Hobo purse 1
Hobo Purse – Nopoku

A beautifully patterned and multicolored hobo bag destined for numerous adventures!


Blue oversized bag 1
Shoulder Bag – Nopoku

A stylish and spacious bag with suede trimming is all you need to kick it up a notch !


Denim bag 2

Denim, prints and color lend this tote an exotic appeal. Definitely a must-have piece !

Visit  Nopoku for these bags and more.



By Sherita N. Brace

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