Unleashing The Authentic You Through Fashion !

Most of the time, some of us experience the “herd syndrome” . So focused are we on following specific trends that they end up becoming our holy grail. As such, we put in a great amount of energy trying to imitate these looks  regardless of whether they fit our body type. We don’t even pause to find out if the type of clothing chosen works for the occasion or if its even appropriate.

Whether you love the limelight or shun it, it is possible to start and follow our own trends. Start by searching and identifying what works for you and slay! Finitio.  Style is  not about going with the trend, it’s about knowing who you are and going for it. Unleash your authentic awesomeness and begin your trendsetting adventure!


Black DressAnimal Print Clutch

Bracelet brown

Earthy and Au Naturale !


Shop this look  by clicking on  Nopoku !

Submitted by Geraldine of KisuaG

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