Meet Kingsley Twum-Danso of Uptick Systems

 Members of the African Diaspora in the United States have gained increased attention in recent years – mostly due to the impact of their economic contribution to the economy. They can be found engaging in various industries and sectors across state lines. Some are trail blazers – serving as role models and impacting their communities through their tireless and dedicated service.

I had the opportunity to meet with a pioneering spirit who goes by the name, Kingsley Twum-Danso. He is a Co-founder of Uptick Systems and serves as a productive, compassionate and inspiring member of the Gaithersburg community in the State of Maryland. Although featured posts are centered on creatives in the fashion and art sector, I decided to veer off into the IT sector in this post simply because of shared traits that I observed between these sectors. These traits, which include initiative and drive can be discovered in the personalities I have interviewed to date. I am hoping that this post can inspire readers while celebrate Doers.   Read on for more information about my interaction with him.

What factor/factors informed your decision to establish Uptick Systems ?
Answer: I had a burning desire to help people succeed in life. When I saw that there was demand for the database administration program in my locality, I decided to fulfill that need by establishing the training facility – Uptick Systems. This program has helped me and continues to help me in my goal to elevate the standard of living of people within my locality.

 Can you describe the nature of the courses being offered at Uptick Systems?
Answer: The main courses offered at Uptick Systems are Oracle Database Administration, Microsoft SQL Server Database, and utilities such as Golden Gate. Programs offered utilize a hands-on approach and are designed to equip students with tools for success. Students are required to attend classes for four and a half hours each week for a five month period. We have a very supportive culture and offer post program support as and when it is required.

What is the future outlook of this industry ?
Answer: The future outlook is bright. Especially if you apply yourself since the opportunities are endless.

Do you have plans of expanding Uptick Systems to other States ?
Answer: Yes, I do. In order to fulfill  out-of-state demand for our services, we are planning on introducing online training programs which will go a long way in making our services available to folks outside of the Washington DC metro area. We also have plans of including a consulting and recruitment component.

What can a student hope to gain from participating in your programs?
Answer: A student can expect to gain in-depth knowledge in Oracle and SQL Server Database Management, that they can hope to gain value for the money and time they invest in the program. Their investment really pays off as this is a sought after sector with high demand.

Is there anything you would like to say to an individual contemplating on participating in your program? 
Answer: Our program is informative, hands-on and is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. It is also highly interactive and supportive. Our goal is to ensure the success of students by offering them with the tools they need to succeed. Any student who is willing to apply his or herself by fulfilling course requirements is guaranteed to succeed.
Please find our contact details below:

Website: Upticksystems
Phone: 877-888-4837
Twitter: @upticksysinc
Instagram: upticksysinc

Wishing you the very best Kingsley! Keeping soaring high.

Interview by Sher


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