Interview with Danny Arthurz

As humans, we have been endowed with traits and characteristics that make us unique. Though some people are aware of their gifts, others remain oblivious to theirs. Danny Arthurz (named Daniel Arthur at birth), on the other hand,  happens to be a gifted young man with a sense of  awareness – gift wise :). This sense of awareness informed his decision to venture into the creative sector as a Digital Artist. Read on to learn more about the man behind a plethora of evocative paintings.


1.Were you always aware you would earn a living as a digital artist?

Initially, I had plans of becoming a journalist. Unexpected circumstances in my life led to a change in plans. I realized I loved arts and started dabbling in it. I am still learning and evolving as an artist.

2. What makes your work different from others?

I would say my work stands out from others as a result of the techniques that I use.

3. Judging from the past, do you think the creative industry in Ghana is appreciated now? Do people acknowledge and admire the value evident in your work?

Compared to the past, I think the creative industry is faring much better in recent times. There are opportunities now that past artists in Ghana did not have. I also believe that in the urban areas, people acknowledge and appreciate my artistic pieces more.

4. What is your favorite software ?

Adobe Photoshop

5. What is your hardware of choice ?


6. Do you like to listen to music when you work or do you prefer to work in silence ?

I like to listen to contemporary gospel music whenever I am working.

7. Can you share the names of African Digital Artists whose work you admire? 

Yes, I can. I particularly admire the works of Ray Style and Sar Boat.

8. What kinds of services do you generally offer?

I work as a Digital Artist and a Graphic Designer. Most often, I tend to offer branding services to businesses.

9. What will you say to other individuals in Africa who are interested in pursuing digital arts?

I will tell them that they should persevere and never give up. Another thing I will like to tell them is that they should look for a good mentor who will guide them and direct them regarding their chosen path.
Interview by Sherita Brace


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