Holiday Gift Guide for Her

We love the holiday season and everything that it stands for; love, warmth, laughter, joy and of course, gifts! Finding the perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues can be especially challenging. One hat simply does not fit all. Our curators here at Nopoku decided to make this gifting season easier for you by scouring our products for thoughtful, fashionable and ultra unique pieces.


1.  Lilac Beaded Necklace | KisuaG
KisuaG’s signature beading sets the tone for an exciting statement necklace. Subtle hues of purple amp up its’ appeal.
Shop Online |$95

2. Pollina Colorful Earrings
These beautiful earrings are characterized by a variety of pretty colors in multiple patterns. of purple amp up its’ appeal.
Shop Online |$15.50

3. Sonieme Envelope Clutch
This handmade envelope clutch features prints and leather seamlessly combining together to make it a captivating and coveted piece.
Shop Online |$58

4. Bling Ring
Beautiful, playful and fun, this beaded statement ring is all you need to add some color to your look.
Shop Online |$12.50

5. Multi-functional Waist Beads
This is a multi-functional bead accessory featuring various colors. Not only does it beautify your waist but it also assists in monitoring your weight and can be used as a multi-strand necklace!
Shop Online | $25.25

6. Oversized Beaded Bag
This iconic oversized bag is embezzled with pieces of recycled beads hand stitched onto its’ front and back sections. A conversation starter, it is a spacious and stylish statement piece.
Shop Online  | $150

7. Dangly Earrings
These pretty dangly earrings are characterized by soft hues and geometric patterns on select pieces. Purchasing this earring provides a source of income for select artisans in West-Africa.
Shop Online | $14

8.Exotic Beaded Bracelet
Exotic, personal and playful, these bracelets offer an appeal to the young and playful at heart. Grab one for yourself or give one as a gift to a loved one.                                              Shop Online  |$13

9. Andel Tribal Shoes
These lovingly made shoes feature earthy hues and make a subtle statement.                    Shop Online |$35


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