Chale Wote Street Art Festival – 2016

This years’ Chale Wote Street Arts Festival was lively, fun and spirited – in every sense of the word. It is often stated that creativity frees the spirit and livens the soul. Does it come as a surprise that creative spirits from various sectors merged together in this highly anticipated street festival? Obviously not.

Featured artists displayed their talent by partaking in street painting, graffiti murals, photo exhibitions and live street performances.Other creatives conducted live street performances, street boxing, extreme sports etcetera. Wherever people gather, food, our best companion, is sure to be present. Thanks to the food marketplace, participants were well fed and joyful. Even a pet monkey had its’ fair share of dessert.

                          Images courtesy KisuaG and Mframa Kites

This years event earned rave reviews among arts enthusiasts and artistically challenged individuals alike :). Going by last years’ reviews and this years’ reviews, next years’ will surely be an event worth participating in. I can’t wait!



Written by: Sher

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