Styling – Traditional West-African Weddings

Every bride looks forward to looking her best on her D-Day. Some brides may have it all covered in the area of styling while others may find it challenging putting things together for that dream look. Here, you will find different looks from some West-African countries. I hope my lovely brides “to be” out there can draw inspiration from these looks.

Fanti Bride @maamebyragolasty

Gorgeous Ghanaian Bride (Fanti Tribe). Image : @maamebyragolasty


African wedding dress- Ghana, Kenyan, Senegal

Wedding dress inspired by the cultures of Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya . Image by Artistic Vision and Design

Nigerian Traditonal Bride - Igbo Tribe

Nigerian Bride (Igbo Tribe) Image : Pinterest

Cote D'Ivoire Bride -Malinke Bride

Côte d’Ivoire Bride(Malinke Tribe). Image: Pinterest


Senegalese Bride. Image by

Republic of Benin wedding

Republic of Benin Bride. Image by


By: Ewurafua of KisuaG

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