Minimalist Styling – African Themed Bags

Bags, Bags and Bags. They come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and names – Purses, Totes, Hobos and Shoulder bags – just to name a few. These are staples most of us can’t do without! For the minimalist, function and durability are essential. This is why we came up with a couple of bags that get the work done. Each of these African themed bags can be paired with solids for a no-fuss look.


Oversized Weekend Bags

These bags are spacious, strong and can carry the world – literally :). Stuff it up, dash out the door and leave your mark wherever you go !


Tote Bags

From shopping to picnics, either of these bags can get the work done. They also inject some warmth and character to your overall look.

Clutches, Evening Purses

Sigh…these functional clutches are everything and more! Rich in color and texture, they were designed for endless usage.

Wallets and Coin Bags

These come in handy all the time! Drop them in your totes or carry them on their own. Simply choose the best option that works for you.


Wine Totes

We know these African themed wine totes will come in handy when attending wine festivals and wine parties. The wine lovers in your lives will enjoy these too.

Written by Sher and Ewurafua

Bags can be purchased from the following on-line stores:

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