By the Fireside with KisuaG II

Geraldine Brace, Founder of KisuaG is an intense, passionate, ardent and prolific creative spirit. She is also reticent and introverted. The fashion industry in Ghana is growing, expanding and seems to have gained intense momentum. KisuaG along with other iconic brands are contributing to this shifting landscape. The interview below sheds further insights about Geraldine, affectionately referred to as P.P. – Passionate Pearl by friends and family.

1 ) Sher : Is there a story behind KisuaG? Why did you opt for KisuaG as the identity for your brand?

Geraldine : Yes, there is. I was inspired by the Swahili word for clothing, accessories and apparel which is “kisua”. G, represents Geraldine. In essence, KisuaG is a combination of clothing and the letter G which means Clothing and Accessories by Geraldine.

2) Sher: Did you always know you would venture into jewelry making?

Geraldine: Yes, I always knew I would start a clothing line at a point in my life. What I did not know, was that I would begin the process with the creation of jewelry (African inspired necklaces, bib necklaces, beaded bracelets, statement pieces) and accessories.

3) Sher: Tell me, why did you begin with jewelry making instead of clothing ?  Do you design clothing too ?

Geraldine: Actually, I am at the initial stages of designing clothing  but my designs are not yet available to the public. However, jewelry making took precedence over clothing due to a strange turn of events. One of my sisters,  is addicted to African inspired clothing and accessories. She has always been aware of my strengths and weaknesses too.

During  one of her “I want something different phases”, she asked me to make her a unique necklace . At that point in my life,  I was riddled with a lot of uncertainties and a lack of self confidence. Not one to take no for an answer, she pushed and nagged until I created a necklace for her. She loved it. My mentor, Abrokwa Larbi was also very influential along with an ardent supporter who wants to remain anonymous. The influences of these 3 individuals led to  jewelry making taking the lead over clothing design. In the process of making jewelry and accessories, I found my passion and love it.

4) Sher: Who is your role model?

Geraldine: ..hmmm…I have a couple of role models. One of them is Queen Esther in the         bible who inspires me with her confidence, zeal and great rapport with God. My sisters, although they can be annoying sometimes. They each have unique strengths that inspire me; both are socially graceful. In the fashion industry, Renee Q inspires me simply because she is good at what she does. Her hard working nature , humility and love for God appeals to me. Finally, I draw a lot of inspiration from Madam Dzigbordi Dosoo. She has such a beautiful persona and her passion for life is very uplifting.

5) Sher: How do you spend your leisure time?

Geraldine : I spend my leisure time listening to music, watching movies, cooking and hanging out with my friends .

6) Sher : Your accessories tend to be bold, vibrant and “one of a kind”. Are they handmade?  Where do you draw inspiration for the creation of these beauties ?

Geraldine : Thanks Sher. Yes, they are hand-made. I draw my inspiration from nature. Also, I am highly visual and observant. Sometimes, I can get an idea from watching a movie, a fashion show or a music video. Often though, I tend to dream of new designs when I sleep.

7) Sher: Walk me through a day in the life of Geraldine . What is it like?

Geraldine: A typical day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. I set aside some time to check my e-mail, respond to inquiries, process completed orders for delivery and then work on pending orders. Some days can be very hectic depending on the quantity of orders from customers.

8) Sher: What is your vision for KisuaG?

Geraldine:  My vision for KisuaG is to develop it into a global brand that represents bold, stylish and chic contemporary African inspired clothing and accessories.

9) Sher: What would you like to be remembered for?

Geraldine: I would like to be remembered as a strong young woman who positively impacted the fashion landscape in Africa. I would also like to be remembered as an individual who inspired and  influenced young females.

The sky is truly the limit, Geraldine. It really was a pleasure interacting with you and I wish you the very best in your undertakings.



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