By the Fireside with KisuaG I


Part 1

It is a cold, gloomy winter evening and I am in dire need of some warmth. I am also craving something exciting, exceptional and out of the ordinary. With a wistful look and thoughts of evenings spent underneath a vast sky by the fireside in Ghana,  I reminisce about my past. The harsh sound arising from the drop of a metal spoon rattling against the sink  jolts me back to reality. I decide to settle with a mug of hot vanilla flavored dark chocolate.

Armed with my hot chocolate drink, I acquaint myself with current trends in African inspired accessories. While browsing the internet, an image of a necklace by KisuaG grabs my attention and I find myself getting giddy with excitement. This necklace is unusual in a pleasant way. I love her style, her product and I want to get to know her better. Although this desire emerged  by the fireside, it was different from previous experiences and desires by the fireside. This time, my desire would be by the fireside in my living room, in another country oceans away from Ghana.

A few days after my discovery, I reached out to the Founder of KisuaG and procured some of her designs for the accessory line of Nopoku. Eventually, I also conducted an interview with Miss.Geraldine Brace – Founder of KisuaG. Details of the interview will be made available in Part 2 …coming soon.


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